VDP4 35CK-570CRW-260CR

VDP4 35CK-570CRW-260CR

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Product Code: VDP4 35CK-570CRW-260CR

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Inside Monitor

  • Blue backlit touch button controls
  • Cream-white surround
  • Surface mounted
  • 241 x 161 x 23 mm

Outside Doorbell with Camera

  • Aluminium alloy panel
  • 90(w) x 130(h) x 43(d) mm
  • Nameplate
  • 420 TVL CCD camera
  • Requires extra 12VDC plug pack for electric striker (if fitted)>
  • Optional timer available to set door/gate open time of electric striker (if fitted)
  • Surface mounted
  • Anti-vandal
  • Nano-glass shield for lens
  • White LED night assisted vision - SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION!
  • IP 55+ waterproof rating - SUPERIOR WEATHER RESISTANCE!
  • Rain/weather shield included
  • Angle adjustable lens
  • Up to 70m transmission from camera to monitor


Skybox can connect to a modem/router via Cat5e/6 or wireless

  • Multiple smart phone users possible
  • iOS or Android supported on Mobile/Tablet
  • Free "APP" ControlCam
  • Smart phone connection via WiFi, 3G/4G
  • Modem/router must be connected to the internet
  • Record pictures to a DVR - connect DVR to modem
  • Wireless connection to modem works with 2.4GHz only

When a visitor rings the doorbell

  • the indoor monitor rings
  • a signal is sent to the app on your mobile phone/tablet
  • video of the visitor is stored

From the mobile phone/tablet it is possible to

  • chat with the visitor
  • unlock the door/gate (if electric striker fitted)
  • replay video of visitors

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