VDP 15SM-N75B white

VDP 15SM-N75B white

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VDP-15SM, "weatherproof", outdoor station

  • 79(w) x 148(h) x 45(d) mm
  • Rain Shield
  • Name tag
  • Advanced 1/3" CMOS Camera
  • 92 degree viewing angle
  • Focal length 3.6mm
  • Superior night viewing with white LED lights
  • Light sensor switches on LEDs at night
  • Backlit call button at night
  • Cast aluminium metal
  • IP 54 waterproof
  • Compatible with a wide range of electronic locks & striker plates
  • Electric locks (if fitted) open for 0.5 seconds if operared by system power of 12VDC, 500mA
  • Electric locks (if fitted) open for 5 seconds if operated by an additional power adaptor(purchased separately).
    Ask OZSS: info@ozss.net.au

VDP-N75B white, indoor colour monitor

  • Compact 210(w) x 150(h) x 23(d) mm
  • Backlit touch button control
  • Dual Door/Gate release - open door/gate 1 or door/gate 2 from the same monitor
  • Broadcast from one monitor to all other monitors
  • Intercom between monitors
  • Privacy Function
  • 420 TVL
  • Surface mounted
  • Monitor outdoor sound & movement
  • Answer outdoor camera call (10 melody rings)
  • Adjustatble ring volume
  • Open door lock (if fitted)
  • Duplex Communication between monitor & outdoor camera
  • General broadcast to all other monitors
  • Intercom between indoor monitors
  • Transfer call from camera from one indoor monitor to another
  • Elecric locks can be wired directly to some screens e.g. VDP-23, VDP-25, VDP75B but not VDP-N60 nor VDP-18
  • User Manual included
  • Compliant power adaptor included (18VDC, 1amp)


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