VDP 12VDC-1500

VDP 12VDC-1500

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Product Code: VDP 12VDC-1500

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Sometimes an additional power supply is required or chosen to operate the electric lock.
This power adaptor is suitable for use with:
• Al-130NO (fail secure)
• Al-130NC (fail safe)
• Al-131NO (fail secure)
• Al-131NC (fail safe)
• VDP-2081EJ NC (fail secure)
• VDP-2083EJ NC (fail secure)
• VDP-2087EJ NC (fail secure)
• VDP-eLock (fail secure)
A power adaptor is required when an electric striker or lock is used with:
- Leelen VDP-IX camera
- Classic cameras VDP4-561CK, VDP4-50CK, VDP4-551CK, VDP4-35CK, VDP4-5CK 
- VDP 16A-10DT Keypad
- VDP 16A-11DT Proximity card reader
A power adaptor is optional with:
- Leelen VDP-6 camera
- Leelen VDP-15 cameras

Use of the power adaptor with Leelen Cameras allows a lock opening time of 5 seconds.
Without the power adaptor the lock opening time is 0.5 second when a relay should also be used.

A power adaptor should not be required with:
- Designer cameras VDP-A, VDP-L or VDP-V
- Standard camera VDP-ODSA


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