CCTV Kit 6

CCTV Kit 6

Price: $495.00

Product Code: CCTV Kit 6

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  • 1 x HDVR 5104H with mouse, remote control & power supply (see details of HDVR 5104H)
  • 4 x HD CCTV BI521-CVI, external, day/night, metal, bullet cameras, 960H, IP66,
    20-25 metre night vision (see details of CCTV BI521-CVI camera)
  • 4 x 18 meter cables for CCTV cameras
    4 x BNC/Power to RJ45 connectors
  • 1 x 4 to 1 power cable adaptor for HD CCTV cameras
  • 1 x power supply for 4 HD CCTV cameras

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