Large Video Intercom Systems

* Video intercoms for large and luxury homes *
Finish your luxury home with a quality video intercom system


Up to 6 indoor video intercom monitors
Up to 8 outdoor intercom or CCTV cameras
Systems up to 100 metres
Professional Video Intercom Systems wired with coax+4core or Cat5e/6

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Choice of Video Intercom Indoor Monitors

Indoor Video Intercom Monitors with 7 inch TFT-LCD colour screen
VDP-670CQ White
VDP-670CQ Black
  • 7 inch colour screen
  • Backlit touch button controls
  • Surface mounted
  • 241 x 161 x 23 mm
  • Intercom between door station and monitor that answers door bell
  • Intercom call from any 1 monitor to another specific monitor or to all other monitors


Indoor Video Intercom Monitors with TFT-LCD colour screen
VDP-337CQ Silver
  • 7 inch colour screen
  • Push button controls
  • Surface mounted
  • 245 x 124 x 28 mm
  • Intercom between door station and monitor that answers doorbell
  • Intercom talk between any monitor and the one that answers


Choice of Video Intercom Camera Stations
External Video Intercom Cameras

VDP-551CQ cut out size
VDP-561CQ     VDP-561YBA
$245+GST      $50+GST

VDP-561CQ cut out size
VDP-561CQ programming guide
• Stainless steel panel
• Flush mounted
• 204 x 150 x 43 mm
• Supplied with rear housing
• Stainless steel panel
• Flush mount
• 250 x 120 x 43 mm - camera
• Supplied with rear housing
• OPTIONAL surface mount housing
- VDP-561BYA 275 x 145 x 47 mm
• Built in access control
• Open lock with keypad code
• Requires additional 12VDC plug pack
• Anti-vandal
• Nano-glass shield for lens
• IP 55 waterproof rating
• 420 TV line CCD camera
• 700 TV line optional with VDP-561CQ
• White LED night assisted vision
• Up to 100m transmission from 1st camera to last monitor (using coax + 4 core cabling)


Layout of Large Classic Video Intercom System
Wired with coax+4 core or Cat5e/6
Features of Large Video Intercom System
Video Intercom Monitors
  • Monitor outside movement with live pictures from cameras
  • Monitor outside sound
  • Answer adjustable door ring
  • 2 minutes talking time between any monitor and outdoor camera
  • Volume adjustment
  • Open door lock
  • Brightness, contrast picture adjustment
  • Intercom talk between monitors
  • Toggle picture between door/gate cameras
Video Intercom Cameras/Doorbell
  • Up to 4 or 8 video intercom cameras
  • Intercom camera/doorbell calls all internal monitors
Video Intercom System
  • Compliant power sources supplied
  • Wiring with either Cat5e or 4 core plus coax (nominated with order)
    (100 meters distance possible with 4 core + coax cabling)
    (Slighlty less than 100 metres possible with Cat5e cabling)

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